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PostSubject: General Advice   General Advice Icon_minitimeTue Oct 16, 2018 9:31 pm

I figured I would start a whole post about the general guide to building characters for ABX without going into details on each day's page about some of these ideas.  I don't know how well I covered this information in the character guides previously and I'm going to writing updates in the future with these things in mind. General rule for this mode is build characters that can overlap for multiple days in order to maximize the return for your resources.

Meteor Bonus Meter
In the upper right of the screen, there is a meter that fills over time if you do not get hit by the meteors that fall.  If you keep the meter filled for a long period of time, it increases your score over time.  If you get hit, the meter resets and the score accumulation slows back down.  Some characters have a difficult time maintaining this (Cable) due to their rotation, but others will benefit due to their multiple i-frame skills.

ISO-8 Sets
You want your damage dealing characters to have offensive ISO-8 Sets.  They are Hawk's Eye, Power of Angry Hulk, and Overdrive.  Hawk's Eye is least recommended, but if you need skill cooldown on that character it can be a good option.  I find that cooldown is easier to cap than Attack Speed or Critical Damage that the other sets provide.  The higher the star ranking on the ISO-8s, the better the bonus the set will give.  Fully awakening all the ISO-8s will provide a large bonus to attack, but requires a lot of resources to do per character and can slow score progress at times.

CTP of Energy is by far the best obelisk for any character for this mode.  Its stats can provide huge boosts to the score due to the high damage your character can do.  They are rare in-game and cost crystals to get from chests.  Personally, I do not recommend opening obelisk chests since the success rates are so slow.  There are 2 available from Legendary Battle from upgrading uniforms and there are potentially 2 more in the crystal purchases for legendary battle extreme as well.  I currently have 3 and it is best to equip them on characters you can use for multiple days (Cable, Captain America, Apocalypse, Stryfe, etc) to get the most value to your scores on a weekly basis.

The other stat you are looking for on non-CTP obelisks is the Increased Damage by x% for 1 attack stat.  This stat multiples the damage by a huge amount if timed correctly on a high damage skill.  The x varies between 100 and 200%, the closer you get to 200% the better the overall score will be.  Re-rolling obelisks to find this stat is difficult and it has taken me months to get obelisks for certain characters.  This is by far the most frustrating part of building characters effectively for this mode and has slowed me down significantly since they added the 7 extra days of ABX.

Other offensive stats that you would want to look for would be critical damage, ignore dodge, critical rate, and sometimes immune to guard break (to keep your skills from being interrupted - characters that have Super Armor on skills do not need this).

Another potentially frustrating element of character building, probably the one I would save as one of the last pieces.  Amplification is now easier to achieve now that they added a chain amplify to get 5 slots increased.  I am not a master of uru by any means, but the general idea is that you can only put 2 of any one type on each gear.  So each gear can only have 2 attack uru, 2 cooldown etc.  You want to give each character 2 of either physical or energy attack uru (depending on their base stat) on each gear and some variety of cooldown, ignore defense, or crit damage (depending on what that specific character needs).  Amplifying the uru gives you double the amount of that stat from the uru you equip.  I usually settle to equipping 3* uru to characters unless I have gotten 4 or 5* ones from other rewards.

Upgrading the uniforms of any character you use in ABX will increase their attack potential.  If you own the bonus uniforms, you can gain additional offensive stats as they are upgraded (2nd and 5th level).  If you are strapped for crystals, I wouldn't recommend buying old uniforms you will never use just for increasing attack for 1 character.  Uniforms are definitely not created equal so specifics on that will be specified on the respective characters.


To save gold, it's generally accepted to only upgrade skills if they increase a buff to the character.  For ABX characters, you'll want to upgrade all skills used in the rotation to level 6 for max damage.

If you are using a character that can enhance their potential, as the level goes up so does the attack stat.  Tier 2 characters are a must for this mode, T3s where available can also make a huge difference in score (some are better than others for this however).  Increasing the gear levels of the characters to 25 if possible will also increase score.  The 4th gear option should vary depending on the character, generally I have a lot of characters set to ignore defense because I have a lot of cooldown on my cards, but if both are close to max and can be capped with uru I would recommend critical damage.  

Team Composition
Phil Coulson, Valkyrie, Shuri, and Ghost Panther all provide big damage increases to your team at T2.  Other characters have passives at T2 that can impact score (Cylcops, Ulysses Klaue).  These characters are all highly recommended for good scores, but again 2 are bio subscription only so if you're not paying money you can skip them.  Also not that Coulson and Shuri's uniform impact these bonuses, Cyclops' uniform can change him to a villain opening up more options.  

You want characters with attack based leaderships and other 6* characters that provide useful stat bonuses.  Also in the team up screen you can see what skill the character will perform when the team up button is pressed, so finding ones that can trigger your character's biggest damage skill can be useful (like Medusa for Thor).  I also recently learned that if you have 2 characters that have team ups with your damage dealer, placing the better team up character in the left slot will determine that they will be the one to strike.
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Good Stuff Brother!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: General Advice   General Advice Icon_minitimeThu Dec 06, 2018 6:33 pm

Wow so helpful

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General Advice
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