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 Conquest Battle (Going Forward)

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Conquest Battle  (Going Forward) Empty
PostSubject: Conquest Battle (Going Forward)   Conquest Battle  (Going Forward) Icon_minitimeSat Sep 23, 2017 4:30 pm

Ok, guys last night was a big disappointment in terms of who did and didn't help out in the 9pm ET battle time.  Only Tenchikun cared enough to come to the message boards to let me know that he would be available.  We need to band together to get coordinated.   We have 20 good alliance members right now so if we cant get ourselves together to succeed how can we ever get a full 35?  

So here's what I'm going to do going forward.  I'm going start a post for each day of the battle with all battle times for each day.  I know we have some day walkers and our night walkers and some that walk both.  This way I can see who's helping at what times and everyone else can see who they may have around that can help at each battle time.

We need to communicate and I thought these message boards would be it but only a few are even visiting to see if there's any new content and even fewer are adding to the content.  If anyone has a better idea what we can do to communicate better please let me know.  I've taken part in the 9pm ET battle every single night and some nights we have a good group but mostly we are very short on help.  I don't expect everyone to make a battle every day but it would be nice to know when you are AND when your not so we don't have to sit and wait 30 minutes or so to start cause we're waiting to see if anyone else is going to show up.

Anyway, I'm gonna try this new system and see if the results are better...  Here's hoping!!!


P.S. I'm also gonna keep track of who is helping out each day and will post those names so everyone can see who's actually showing up and helping. If you don't see your name much then you may need to look in the mirror and figure out what you can do to change that.
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Conquest Battle (Going Forward)
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