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 New T2 Advice

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PostSubject: New T2 Advice   New T2 Advice Icon_minitimeThu Sep 21, 2017 6:45 pm

Looking for potential advice on who to T2 next.  I have a ticket and some characters at 20 gears ready for it.  I'm hoping this image of my T2 characters will attach properly.  Although not pictured are Kid Kaiju with uniform, Captain Marvel with uniform (not the rare one), and Unworthy Thor.

New T2 Advice Screen10

These are the characters I have at 20 gears:
Red Hulk with uniform
Crystal with uniform
Daisy Johnson with Quake uniform
Ant Man with Civil War uniform
Spider Man 2099
Robbie Reyes
Loki with uniform

Baby Groot is also an option (4th gear is at 19).

Probably the least useful would be Crystal, Daisy, Ant Man, Clea, and Loki.  Although the last 2 may be needed at T2 if I ever want to beat Supergiant WBU.  Thoughts?
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PostSubject: Re: New T2 Advice   New T2 Advice Icon_minitimeFri Sep 22, 2017 12:25 am

Here's my thoughts based on who I feel is the best once T2...

#1 - Spider Man 2099 - In battles he is easily the best of the group as a T2.....
#2 - Crystal with uniform - I was more then pleased with how much better she is at a T2. Equiped just right she can be a beast...
#3 - Red Hulk with uniform - as T2 his regeneration is one of the best in the game.  He's also a fun character to play with and I prolly used him on every team for about 2 months strait.
#4 - Robbie Reyes - I just recently Tiered him and I wish I had done it a long time ago.  He's way better then I thought he would be...
#5 - Hellstorm - he goes into him moves too slow for some battles and it may be the way I have him equipped but he does high damage but is killed way too easy in the tougher battles.
#6 - Loki with uniform - Was my most dominant character prior to the addition of the whole T2 system.  Personally I think he didn't get any better as a T2 which was greatly disappointing.
#7 - Clea - The biggest disapointment of all the Dr. Strange characters.  She required the special Bio's to rank up so I thought for sure she would be on the level of at least Mordou but hell no..  DO NOT WAIST A T2 ON HERE!!!

As for Daisy, Ant-man and Groot...  I don't have either of the 3 T2 cause I rarely see either of them being used as T2 and there are too many other characters that are better as just 6* that I don't see any way either of them improves so much that I'm happy.  With that said, when you pair Daisy Johnson, Lincoln Cambell and Lash together with Lash the leader I've taken down some pretty powerful battles in Alliance Conquest and all 3 for me are just 6* characters.  I don't know if tiering any of them will make them better as individual fighters..

Anyhow thats the opinion of ONEPLAY... and one thing is certain, opinions are like elbows and assholes cause everyone has one....
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PostSubject: Re: New T2 Advice   New T2 Advice Icon_minitimeSat Sep 23, 2017 8:49 pm

You seem to think like I do when it comes to building a team. I guess I'm second guessing myself on T2ing 2099 after spending my resources on Quicksilver. I'll stick with my first choice.

I hit the same problem with Hellstorm as you have, very powerful but dies quickly. His T2 adds a heal on his 5 skill which supposedly makes him last longer.

Groot's T2 isn't really for damage, it changes his 4* passive to a heal that applies to the whole team. It makes him an even better support character that makes the entire team harder to kill.
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PostSubject: Re: New T2 Advice   New T2 Advice Icon_minitime

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New T2 Advice
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