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 Anti-Venom vs HC Spidey & 2099 Spidey

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Anti-Venom vs HC Spidey & 2099 Spidey Empty
PostSubject: Anti-Venom vs HC Spidey & 2099 Spidey   Anti-Venom vs HC Spidey & 2099 Spidey Icon_minitimeSun Sep 03, 2017 1:11 pm

Hey guys, if you don't have the Anti-Venom uni you may want to get it next time its on sale. Yesterday I was down to my final 9 characters in area 8 and had to battle HC Spidey, Spidey 2099 and Silk. The best I had was Anti-Venom, Carnage and a non-T2 character that I can't remember. Both the other character and Carnage got waxed pretty fast leaving Anti-Venom 1 against 3 t2 spideys and something amazing happened. Anti-Venom won!!!! He got beat down while the pathetic AI went through his ability's in fucked up order till it hit his #4 ability and took out all 3 spideys in quick order. I thought it was just dumb luck but we weren't able to finish off 8 last night before everyone ran out of hero's so today on that same battle I paired Carnage, Anti-Venom and T1 Hellcat that I put in as leader for her speed boost. And that was all she wrote. They didn't have a scratch on them and cleared all 6 foes. It was Anti-Venom and his #4 ability that took out all 3 spidey's once again.

Just thought I'd share that cause normally I struggle to find someone to take out HC Spidey and 2099 Spidey but against Anti-Venom its not even close to a battle.....
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Anti-Venom vs HC Spidey & 2099 Spidey
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