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 Shadowland Clears

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PostSubject: Shadowland Clears   Shadowland Clears Icon_minitimeSat Sep 02, 2017 5:01 pm

So when I did Shadowlands this week, I put together a list of the stages I cleared and with whom.  I try to work on Shadowlands on Saturdays to use the World Boss bonus from clearing I-Thanos, but you can also do it with specific bonus for physical attack (Black Dwarf) and energy attack (Supergiant).  I have been choosing floors that will give me the most gear up kits, since I constantly need more to build up characters.  Also I did not go for the 3 character bonus on levels, as most of the rewards are not worth it and I want to stretch my roster as far as possible, allowing me not to use any T2 characters until at least floor 15.

Unless specified, assume each character is 6/6/60 with gears at 17.

Floor 1 - I continue to pick the Speed Relay to keep my roster flowing about the same as before the update, using Jessica Jones and Sif with uniform.  This week I tried it with Sif's leadership, but came close to dying without Jessica's physical damage immunity.

Floor 2 - Blast Rumble - used Winter Solider's leadership, Kraven, and Mockingbird (with uniform).  Kraven was probably overkill and I probably should've saved the villain.

Floor 3 - Male Relay - Beast solo clear

Floor 4 - Wave Mode with Yondu, Ronin, and Nebula - Ultron as leadership with Yellowjacket.  I use Yellowjacket for either 4 or 9 stage waves due to his high damage output.

Floor 5 - Combat Rumble - Mantis solo clear (probably could've saved her, but I've also realized I don't have a lot of T1 blast characters)

Floor 6 - Universal Relay - Captain Marvel (with uniform) as leader and Clea

Floor 7 - Combat Rumble - Starlord (with uniform) as leader, Daisy (with AoS uniform), and Ironheart (who is 6* unmastered and level 5 gear).

Floor 8 - Fire Relay - Elektra (uniform) lead, Black Widow (Ultron uniform), and Yondu (uniform 6* unmastered and level 5 gear).  I realized that I selected the wrong character types (Speed having disadvantage here), but Elektra did some heavy lifting here.

Floor 9 - Wave Mode with Sin, Crossbones, Red Skull, and Captain America - used Ulik lead and Vulture with uniform.

Floor 10 - Hulks Rumble - Ancient One with uniform solo

Floor 11 - Male Relay - She Hulk with uniform lead and Baby Groot (usually comes close to time, but Groot can pull it out)

Floor 12 - Rocket Boss - Robbie Reyes solo (Ignore Dodge leadership very helpful)

Floor 13 - Fire Relay - Spider Man with Homecoming uniform solo clear

Floor 14 - Speed Rumble - Red Hulk with uniform lead, Amadeus Cho with uniform, and Captain America Marvel Now uniform.  Failed 2x trying Gorgon's leadership with Red Hulk and Captain America.  May have gone overkill

Floor 15 - I hate the Entry Modes, need very high damage.  Gorgon as leader, Silk with uniform, Kate Bishop T2.  Silk's webs group them together and Kate's iframes damage everybody.

Floor 16 - Blast Relay (reflect version) - Gwenpool with uniform and Ant Man with uniform.  Ant Man is mainly there in case I need a switch heal

Floor 17 - Loki Boss - Satana lead, Hellstorm, Inferno.  Failed 2 or 3x with just Satana and Hellstorm by getting frozen at inopportune times, but may have overkilled by adding Inferno.

Floor 18 - Combat Rumble - Storm T2 solo clear (wanted to use Crystal, but she does physical damage with some skills)

Floor 19 - Wave with Sin, Captain America, Red Skull, and Crossbones - Magneto T2 solo clear

Floor 20 - I chose the Avengers Entry - used Elsa with MU uniform T2 as lead, Rogue T2, and Wong.  Elsa can be tricky in these modes, really have to guide her back to the mobs to get the most from her damage.

Floor 21 - Fire Relay - Black Bolt as leader, Songbird T2 did all the work.

Floor 22 - Hawkeye Boss - Iron Fist with Netflix uniform T2 solo clear

Floor 23 - Hulk Rumble - Enchantress T2 solo clear

Floor 24 - Rocket Boss - Spiderman 2099

Floor 25 - X-Men Entry Mode - Cyclops T2 as lead, Kid Kaiju with uniform, and Wolverine.  May have overkilled the stage, but failed a couple times with other team combos

Floor 26 - Destroyer Boss - Carnage T2 solo clear

Floor 27 is where I keep getting stuck.  Dormammu in wave 1 and Strange in wave 2 with energy immunity procs makes this very difficult to clear.  I haven't died in the stage, but keep running out of time.  I don't think I want to use Jean Grey here, but may have to.

At this point I have the following T2s left - Jean Grey, Agent Venom, Odin, Baron Mordo, White Tiger, Sharon Rogers with uniform, Supergiant, Corvus Glaive, Warwolf, Phil Coulson, Wasp with uniform, Dr. Strange, and Unworthy Thor.  I also have the leaderships of Crystal, Moon Girl, Medusa, and Ronin left.  I'm sure with enough patience I'll be able to find a combination that works, but I usually stop for the week before I get too frustrated.


Floor 27 - Crystal with uniform lead, Wasp T2 with uniform, and Sharon Rogers T2 with uniform. Failed with this exact team about 10 times, but finally finished with out 3 seconds to spare. Sharon solo'ed wave 2.

Floor 28 - Hulk Rumble - Jean Grey solo. Was getting frustrated using Baron Mordo T2, but I had assumed the floor 29 would be a Luke Cage boss like before so I figured I'd be safe in using Jean here.

Floor 29 - Black Order Entry - I thought this was Floor 28 choice, but luckily I was still loaded with T2s. I started with Dr. Strange lead, Phil Coulson T2, and Odin. Almost cleared first time, then failed about 7-8 more times since Promixa causes so much lag on my phone. The actual clear team turned out to be using a second team of 3 of Ronin with uniform lead, Corvus, and Supergiant. Strange went into round 2 solo, but lost due to time after severely weakening the enemy. Corvus survived to finish the job.

Floor 30 - Daredevil - Moon Girl lead, Warwolf T2, and Agent Venom T2. Failed about 20 times due to lack of damage since Dardevil constantly dodges iframes. Wolverine would probably be easier.

The rewards for the last few floors are definitely not worth the time and frustration. I think in future rounds I'll just go up to 25.

If anybody has feedback or questions on rotations/builds feel free to comment.
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Shadowland Clears
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