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 Universal Hero Day

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PostSubject: Universal Hero Day   Sat Sep 02, 2017 4:25 pm

So this day does have a small pool of candidates too, but there are a few strong ones.  Odin is obvisouly at the top, followed by Robbie Reyes, Hellstorm, and Black Bolt.  

Black Bolt with his Attilan Rising uniform comes with a built in damage proc and with his 5 skill can be immune to damage.  Geared correctly he can be a strong option, especially considering he has his own leadership at 30% increase to attack.  Mine does not have a uniform or T2 so most of my thoughts are just thoughts.  He would benefit from an attack ISO set, like POAH or Overdrive, with an immune to guard break obelisk.  I think his best skill rotation is 5-3-4-2-1.

Hellstorm is another one that I don't have at T2, but he's ready any day now.  Satana can provide a very strong leadership for him (60% fire damage) and a decent team up.  I think POAH would be his overall best set for attack speed, but the others are always good. Ideal Obelisk would be something like fire damage/damage proc/immune to guard break.  I'm not sure on his best rotation, but I think 5-4-3-2-1 would be best at T2.

Robbie Reyes (also not T2, but gears at 20) works well because of his constant iframes.  Satana is also a good leadership since he deals fire damage as well.  His rotation is 3-5-4, and you need to be careful to time each skill since I have some trouble with getting hit by the beast's roar in between iframes.  He definitely needs an attack set, probably Overdrive or Hawk's Eye (depending on his cooldown), since POAH may increase his attack speed too much where he comes out of the iframes too early.  The obelisk would be the same as Hellstorm's.

Odin is my current character, using Medusa's leadership (36% all attack) and the team ups with Thor (crit rate/crit damage).  My Odin is gear 17 with ignore defense on gear 4, no uru, 4-6* POAH, and crit damage/invincible/immune to guard break obelisk (it's 3* and will be switched if I can get an immune to guard break and damage proc).  My current strategy is to switch when the mobs close in, starting on 5, moving into 4 or 1 to clear the mob, use 3 to active his guard, and then use 2 to iframe back to the beast while avoiding meteors.  I actually do have some problems with keeping him alive at times as he does move slowly and can get hit by powerful meteors while waiting on skills to come off cooldown or between waves.  This week I got 112k, but finished with Medusa because Odin died with about 20 seconds left.

Odin is at the top, but he is difficult to obtain and build.  Robbie is probably the safest pick due to his constant iframes, but overall most of the characters can be difficult to farm quickly without being able to clear up to Floor 15 in Shadowlands.

Edit: Ragnarok Thor

Thor's latest uniform from Ragnarok instantly made him a contender. He has 3 i-frames now and currently his 3 skill is still bugged to create massive damage (this will eventually be fixed however). The damage over time effect is supposed to end after 10 seconds, but it doesn't so it continues to stack for high damage the longer the fight goes on. This does also create more lag in your device (at least in all the ones I've seen) as it has to calculate the damage more and more on each attack, which makes you more vulnerable to meteors since your movement/skills won't be as fluid as they should be. That being said, even without this bug Thor in this uniform can easily pass 100k.

That being said, my Thor is fairly well-built overall to take advantage of his new uniform. I had him at T2 already and this uniform really made me happy I had T2'ed him. His 4th gear is on Ignore Defense, but has no Uru. His ISO set is a 4 star Hawk's Eye and he has a 4* obelisk with Immune to Guard Break (I think he needs this), Lightning Damage 18.8%, and a 130% damage proc. I did Mythic his uniform as well for the premium card from Cinematic Battle and I also had 4 of the bonus uniforms already (I don't have the Rocket Uniform, may buy it on a Black Friday sale if it's real cheap). The four stats I have extra are rolled to Energy attack, skill cooldown, all defense, and energy attack.

For the team, I used Medusa (L), Odin and Thor. Heimdal, Vision, and Hyperion have team ups that are worth noting as well, but with the lag Thor's 3-skill creates I seem to have trouble keeping him alive for the whole duration and Odin is good to finish the battle. For a rotation I used 5-3-4-2-1. I always try to use his 3-skill when his immunity from 5 is active, since it's his only skill without a way to protect him innately. Thor did die with about 20 seconds to go this week and I still scored 202k. I think with a better ISO set and better tactics to keep him undamaged during lag he could probably hit at least 300k.

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PostSubject: Re: Universal Hero Day   Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:30 pm

Thor's new uniform edit
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Universal Hero Day
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