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 Unrestricted Day

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PostSubject: Unrestricted Day   Fri Sep 01, 2017 7:33 pm

With this day at this point, you should select whichever character scores the highest throughout the week. Thor, Deadpool, Captain America, and Cable are all very solid choices here. I'll leave the details for those characters under the specific days that they qualify for.

She-Hulk with her uniform is still the best leader here due to the damage bonus to any of the above characters. If you don't have her, you'll have to adjust your leader based on the character you choose.

Shuri with her uniform would be the recommended support since hers decreases damage the most, but any of the T2 support characters like Coulson or Valkyrie will work just as well from a score perspective.


So your usual suspects are all available for this day, making for more interesting options in team composition.

Note:  scores listed below are without T2 Coulson, since he is apparently bugged to double his damage bonus right now and I don't want possible consequences in game from using him.

Strange is a solid pick for this day, as is Dormammu, Odin, and Thanos.  I wanted to talk about the characters that are not available any other day and leaderships.

Jean Grey is the highest scoring for this day out of all of them, but mostly inaccessible to newer players.  Mine has 20 gears with gear 4 on cooldown, no uru, 6* partially awakened Overdrive ISO set, with a 3* fire damage/ignore dodge/invincibility obelisk.  I am using this as a placeholder until I can roll a stronger one, hopefully with a damage proc.  I usually use 3-5-4-2-1, trying to start with debuffs/buffs and then use the others to clear the mobs as they spawn and dodge meteors.  With her 3 skill, her surviveability is good so no worries about dying.  Cyclops is a good team up character with her for his 4* passive and team up bonus and Satana is a strong lead for 60% fire damage, netting me 266k this week.  I re-ran it with She-Hulk lead and Warwolf T2, but I actually scored less at 191k.

But the more available option for this day is Sharon Rogers with her uniform.  Her damage is very high with good survivability and movement attached to most of her skills.  Mine is T2 with cooldown on gear 4, no uru, uniform un-leveled, mixed level POAH ISO set, and an ignore defense obelisk (other 2 stats are useless - a relic from my early days in the game where I wasn't good with obelisks).  Best rotation is 3-5-4-2, just be careful not to cancel 3 too early.  I scored 160k with She Hulk and Warwolf, even with the bad obelisk and underpowered ISO set.  So don't feel bad about not having Jean as Sharon can at least hit the 100k mark for the ISO.  

Ancient One T2 may be the best lead overall for Jean, his/her elemental damage increase passive can also boost her damage to a high degree, but She Hulk and Starlord with uniforms are also good.  For Sharon, She-Hulk and Starlord are better since she does not have elemental damage.  

Coulson is the best support character due to his T2 passive, with Warwolf following behind.  They are mostly end-game T2s since they are unhelpful in getting too far ahead in modes like Shadowland so I can see other possibilities being more likely.  Cyclops T2 is good for either character for a 10% all attack passive.  Captain America would also be a decent choice for Sharon with an attack team up.

I haven't found the perfect combination yet, but it's open so feel free to experiment with teams.

Edit:  Cable, T2 Valkyrie, and CTP of Energy

So first off I realize I haven't updated this in a awhile and haven't discussed Cable on this day yet.  While his scores on Blast Day are high, the scores he can get here are very high thanks to being able to use She-Hulk's leadership.  First runs of Cable on this day with She-Hulk, Coulson T2, and Cable (geared as described in the Blast Day post) were giving me scores around 300k.

Since my initial testing with him, a couple things have changed.  Valkyrie was released and her T2 passive stacks with Coulson's, with the potential for some massive damage.  CTPs have also been added and I recently bit the bullet and unequipped that 200% damage proc obelisk I had on Cable.  Right now he has a CTP of Energy with 37% Ignore Dodge, Crit Damage 42%, Increase Chain Hit Damage 25%, and a 180% damage proc.  I'm not 100% sure how high the chain hit stat can go and I pulled the obelisk with these stats so I didn't want to jinx myself and re-roll it lower.  I'm also not sure if the difference between the 200% and 180% damage proc would be made up by the Chain Hit damage.  I also finished levelling Cable's gears to 20, but still no Uru or awakened ISOs.

So first run I did was with Cable (lead), Valkyrie T2, and Coulson T2.  Honestly, wasn't too impressed by the difference.  I scored about 330k, which isn't a big increase from where I was before.  Skill rotation of 2-4-5-1 for first, then 2-4-5-1-3 after that.  

I decided to then run She-Hulk with uniform lead, Valkyrie T2, and Cable.  With same rotation, this team scored 402k (using Coulson instead of Valkyrie was about the same).  I think that She-Hulk's damage bonus is much stronger than the added T2 passive so if you already have She-Hulk's leadership and Coulson T2'ed, then I don't think rushing to finish Valkyrie is worth it.  Don't get me wrong, Valkyrie is a better playable character than Coulson, but if you're F2P I wouldn't sweat it if you don't have her.

I also think the CTP of Energy makes a huge difference and I'm glad I bit the bullet and used the Mega Uniform ticket from the Special Mission package on Hela's uniform to get it.  I wouldn't recommend rushing this either if your cards need work as both Thor's and Loki's special cards from Cinematic Battle will have a bigger difference on your team.

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PostSubject: Re: Unrestricted Day   Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:13 pm

Updated with Cable and Valkyrie
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Unrestricted Day
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