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 Speed Hero Day

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PostSubject: Speed Hero Day   Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:15 pm

There a lot of good candidates for this day now, I have not used Yondu with new uniform, Gwenpool, or Spider-Man 2099 yet for this mode as none have been T2ed yet.  I have heard that 2099 is by far the easier option for this day now, since his 50% Ignore Dodge leadership and good damage take out a lot of the RNG in obelisk rolling.

My first choice for this day was T2 Elsa with MU uniform.  She has gear 4 rolled to cooldown, a 6* (some awakened) POAH, no uru, and crit rate/invincible/immune to snare obelisk.  Her biggest flaw is that she needs some form of ignore dodge and my build has none so despite having a good damage setup her attacks may miss.  Elsa's rotation of 5-3-1-4 gives her the most movement that will help with avoiding meteors and keep her mostly immune to damage as well.  I find her fun to play and a great T2 for early World Boss clears, the best of the Villain Siege token shop as well.  I used her leadership with a Wong team up and another 6* character, usually runs about 70-80k since she lacks ignore dodge.  

Kate Bishop was the next that I tried for this day.  She is T2, gear 4 on cooldown (may need to swap this once I upgrade her ISOs), 3* HE set, no uru, ignore defense/max hp/invincibility obelisk. Kate does not need ignore dodge as she already has it as part of her 4* passive. I typically use Elsa lead and Wong with her, as I do not have Hawkeye ranked up to get her Hawkingbird team up with him and Mockingbird.  Rotation is 5-3-4-2 and Kate can get into trouble since her 2 skill leaves her vulnerable before she iframes.  Overall she has a lot of movement in her skills and experienced players can get high scores with her, but I've never been able to hit 100k with her.

Kid Kaiju was not good in this mode at first, but his uniform definitely propelled him as being powerful. My uniform is still unleveled, but I have been getting around 90k with him with my current set up and probably could get more if his summons wouldn't lag my phone.  He is T2, has 4* HE set, gear 4 on ignore defense, with ignore dodge/damage proc/immune to snare obelisk.  I've been using Elsa as lead with Wong, for 2 team ups.  Rotation is 3-5-1-4-2, trying to maximize the damage from his 5 skill by throwing other skills into it.  KK is another character who tends to plant when casting skills so meteor bonuses may be difficult to maintain with his summons making it difficult to kite away from them due to visibility.  

Overall, I think the speed day has a lot of good options, but none are easy without some setup or practice with the character.  I'll post an update for 2099 once I get another ticket to T2 him.

Edit for Age of Apocalypse Part 1:

Quicksilver - he is by far the easiest way to score 100k on this day. I don't regret using all of my cash and stored bios to get him ranked up prior to speed day this week. Mine is set up as follows: 20 on all gears (4th stat Skill Cooldown), no uru, 6* partially awakened POAH, with a 4* obelisk with crit damage, cold resist, and 120% damage proc. The obelisk is not great, but is the only one I had with a damage stat and damage proc. The rotation I used that may be best is 3-2-5-4, but I'm not sure. It's hard to tell when some of his skills end and I haven't gotten enough practice to know for sure. I like using 2 then 5 since they both have lingering damage over time effects that continue to hit while he's in the his 4 skill. QS is good at keeping the meteor bar full since he is all iframes, but he will get hit on occasion between rotations. I used him with Elsa lead and Wong for team up, scoring about 138k, and then using 2099 lead with Spider Man team up which got about 118k. I also noticed that his skills caused a lot of lag on my devices so that may have effected my total score.

I had geared up 2099 with the intention of using a T2 ticket on him, but I'm unsure if I want to do so now. I've tried him at T1 and score about 75k so I think T2ing him will also get you over 100k.
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PostSubject: Re: Speed Hero Day   Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:31 pm

Added Quicksilver
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Speed Hero Day
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