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 Uniform Blow-out Sale

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PostSubject: Uniform Blow-out Sale   Uniform Blow-out Sale Icon_minitimeSun Aug 27, 2017 10:19 pm

Ok, now I have all uniforms but 32 of them. I think I have the ones that matter but I'm floating the idea of getting the Squirl Girl Uni, Gwen-pool Uni, Hulk Maestro Uni (I have World War Uni), Black Panther (Civil War), Female Captain America 2099, Crossbones, Lash, and one of the Quake Uni's...

Every time these go on sale the cheapest I get them is 750 crystals. My son started playing the game for a little while many months ago and when the uniforms went on sale they were 750 crystals for me but they were as low as 250 crystals for my son at the same time. So now I feel just because I've spent as much money in the game as I have they fuck me with higher cost on stuff. Anyone else get a lower sale price on uniforms then 750 crystals???
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PostSubject: Re: Uniform Blow-out Sale   Uniform Blow-out Sale Icon_minitimeMon Aug 28, 2017 3:44 pm

My understanding is that the 250 cost only applies for maybe 2-3 purchases on a new player account. Once you used those first ones, they all cost 750 for there on out.

Only one of the uniforms I have that you listed is Gwenpool's and I think it's pretty solid. It buffs her healing, but doesn't drastically change her. The only thing to watch is that her 3 skill has a MUCH shorter animation and it may take a few attempts to get a feel for the new flow of her rotation.

My philosophy with uniforms is just buy the ones on characters for Shadowlands or Conquest at this point. I'm still behind on Uru use so I want to work on that before uniform mastery. I only bought Ronin's this sale since I recently 6* him for Shadowlands/AB and I'm just saving crystals at this point for future updates.
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Uniform Blow-out Sale
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