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PostSubject: AGENTS MARVELS ALLIANCE recruiting ...   Sun Aug 27, 2017 9:42 pm

Welcome to our Marvel Future Fight community.  I designed these message boards to be reference for our Alliance members to share information with each other and coordinate for Conquest battle. Most of all I put this together to be a recruiting tool for new Alliance members with the goal in mind to become one of the TOP Alliances in the game.  Non Alliance members are welcome here as part of our MFF Community but if you wish to become a AGENTS MARVELS Alliance member there are a few things you should know before you make a request for membership....


1. BE ACTIVE DAILY!!!:  All Alliance members are required to be active daily within the game.  If you can't be active on a daily basis then you won't be able to meet your commitment for #2 & #3 that follow.  If you go MIA for 4 days in the game and haven't come to these message boards to let us know your gonna be out you will receive an email letting you know that your Alliance status is in jeopardy.  If we don't hear back from you and don't show up, on the 7th day MIA you will be booted from the Alliance.

2. ALLIANCE CONQUEST: All Alliance members are required to participate in the Alliance Conquest battle a minimum of 2 times each week!  This is a team battle and you can't win without your entire team playing a role.  The time slot we try to coordinate the most and have the most members available is the 9pm ET battle time.

3. ALLIANCE BATTLE:  Alliance members are required to make every attempt to complete the Alliance Battle daily if possible.  Here again ranking is as a team so if only half the Alliance is participating our rank will suck...

4. MFF MESSAGE BOARDS:  Members will be required to visit these MB a minimum of every 4 days to stay up to date with anything we may be doing as an alliance.  These MB will be a reference point for everyone to coordinate for AC battles.

If after reading this you would like to become an ALLIANCE MEMBER start a new thread with your GT in the header and make your official request for membership.  Leave a short BIO (or long... your choice) of yourself and your status in the game along with what you can bring to the table to make the Alliance better.

If Alliance membership isn't for you, then your still welcome to continue here as a member of the MFF community.  Share any info you want to share ask any questions you have about the game that we may be able to help you with.

Welcome and lets get the Fight on!!!

ONEPLAY (Alliance Leader)
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PostSubject: Re: AGENTS MARVELS ALLIANCE recruiting ...   Thu Sep 27, 2018 2:46 am

Hey ONEPLAY mattutm here wasn’t sure if I registered here before so anyways username. Is MattUTM surprise suprise
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